The Brent Mason Signature 45 is a compilation of Old, New and Custom circuitry. A little modified Black Face, modified Brown Face and Custom circuitry with the Tone Stack voicing shaped by Brent Mason’s ear for tone.

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I’m really proud and happy to be able to announce that the Brent Mason Signature 45 with Vintage Sound is finally available. A year in the making, I stand behind this amp 100 percent. I’ve been approached over the years by several amp makers to put my name on a signature model amp but I’ve always said NO because they have never met my requirements - but this amp is THE ONE. Rick Hayes makes amazing high quality products that sound phenomenal.
— Brent Mason

*When ordering my Signature Model amp or ANY amp from Vintage Sound type in the discount code 'BRENT" in the "Apply Discount" space in your shopping cart to receive $50 off your purchase.


Built on the foundations of the extremely popular v1, v2 stands alone in terms of versatility. The studio scene in Nashville has changed over the last few years, so we changed the Hot Wired to mirror the industry Brent works in. v1   was geared towards all out chickin’ pickin’ and beyond. Expanding on that, the v2 brings you a broader range of subtlety in channel 1. You can still find the chickin’ pickin’ tones, but you can also find a deeper, warmer overdrive section that will allow you to play as smooth as you like. With the added blend control, you won’t believe how fat your tone can be without it sounding too overdriven. Channel 2 still has the same “British Plexi” flavor that Brent loves.

Two pedals in one (overdrive and distortion), the Hot Wired is without doubt one of the most versatile pedals available today. One channel of the Hot Wired has all your overdrive needs, from a gentle break up to all out crunch, the other gives you dirt… Loads of fat, creamy distortion that is tonally perfect from top to bottom. If need be you can stack them both together for a huge, huge sound.