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Sol Philcox - Friend and the best young guitarist on the planet today.
Randy Mason - Brother, Drummer, Friend.
Paul Franklin - Steel guitar virtuoso, friend and fellow member of 'The Players'.
Eddie Bayers Jr. - Drumming legend, friend and fellow member of 'The Players'.
Matt Rollings - Keyboard player, friend and songwriter.

Wampler Pedals - Effects units.
PRS Guitars - Guitar Maker. - Read all about it here.
WGS Speakers (using "Veteran 30" and "Green Beret" - Speakers).
Benado Effects - Boutique multi effect Pedalboard.
D'Addario - Guitar Strings (XL Nickel Wound Super Light Plus - 9.5, 11.5, 16, 24, 34, 44).
Planet Waves - Cables and Guitar Accessories.
Seymour Duncan - Guitar Pickups.
Glaser Instruments, Nashville - Luthier.
PG Music - GuitarStar instructional computer program.
Music Sales, Nashville Chops and Western Swing Guitar - Instructional DVD.
McPherson Guitars - Acoustic Guitars.
Vision 4 - Instructional DVD.
Line 6 - Effects Units.
Visual Volume - Volume Pedals.
Peavey Electronics - Musical instruments.

Country Tabs - A selection of tabs, transcribed by fans.
Premier Guitar - Interview.
Guitar Stories - Interview.

Wampler Pedals
PRS Guitars
McPherson Acoustic Guitars
D'Addario Guitar Strings
WGS Speakers
Seymour Duncan Pick-Ups
Benado Effects

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